Friday, 22 March 2013

You 'Orrible Lot

Well, by a margin of over 2 : 1 the people have voted, and you voted for me NOT to tip-off the parliamentary hopeful who has booked herself to work for nine evenings in wards outside the T&M Association boundary.

And my, my... some of you were vitriolic in your comments!

"No - Keen-ness is one thing - Pushiness unaccompanied by intelligence can be lethal"Ms R of West London

Pushiness is fine. It's the lack of fact checking before leaping into something that's the problem. I'm not sure Parliament needs more of that...
Mr G of Carshalton
But then, the kinder, softer side of conservatism showed its face with,
Awwwww poor thing!
Cllr H of Sevenoaks
(though I suspect Cllr H being somehat dizzy, he could see himself making a similar mistake and probably hoped he would be treated equally sympathetically!)
So, what have I done ?
Well, I have told her (I know, I know - I sought your views then completely ignored the wisdom of crowds. Shame on me!) But when I called to tip her off, her I did also add, "of course, if you fulfill your offer to these candidates it will show that you really do care about the party and not just your own self promotion." 
And guess what?
Within 30 minutes of my call, she had emailed the three candidates and cancelled her offer to help, which saddened, but did not surprise me.  
I am still pleased that I did the right thing!

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