Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Live the European Dream !

We've just received notice about the forthcoming selection procedures for our European candidates.

Members of the elite Eurocorps parade the flag

Without betraying any confidences, each Association has to nominate representatives to attend this conference, based on the number of paid-up members. This will equate to each of my Associations putting forward three or four lucky people, who will each spend an entire Saturday in the very same room which hosts the Annual World Darts Tournament.

In exchange for sacrificing their first free Saturday after having worked their fingers (and legs) to the bone campaigning for the County Council elections, these chosen few will be able to hear up to 15 speeches from incumbent MEPs and those who would like to be. They deserve a medal.

Personally, I think the entire balloting process should be replaced with something more modern and user friendly.  Perhaps a darts play-off (I am sure the dart board and okey can be retrieved from the cupboard). Semi finalists could be chosen by a Euro-style Ready Steady Cook with each being asked to present their own interpretation of the classic dish, Moules and Frites. The finalists could be placed in sequence following a sing-off; each one being asked to hum Beethoven's Ode to Joy, with a SE Regional phone-in to decide the winner.  

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