Sunday, 3 March 2013

Back to life, back to reality...

Well, that's been quite a weekend. Ten thousand readers of my blog, quoted in the Sunday Telegraph, hundreds of emails and text messages of support (plus a few against), featured on Iain Dale, Con Home, Political Betting and Archbishop Cranmer. And the best of all, I now find even Lib Dem Voice is linking to me.  I've clearly made it.

Surreal moment of the day - sitting with Steve in the Rochester Coffee Company and seeing an elderly couple at next table reading my piece in the Telegraph. Steve said, "if you dare introduce yourself, I shall disown you."

Next week we are back to reality. Early meeting with the printer for CC elections, two branch AGMs, two constituency dinners (one with Chris Grayling and the other with Stanley Johnson) and a day spent delivering pledge letters in two of the most beautiful villages in the constituency.

And I must get my car MOTd on Wednesday!

Plus a meeting with Stephen Parkinson, who was the genius behind the No to AV Campaign and is now working with Theresa May.

Bring on the week!

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