Friday, 15 March 2013

Pick ME!

The Tonbridge & Malling Association recently put out that they would welcome prospective parliamentary applicants to join us on three Saturday campaign days, to enable them to see the constituency and meet activists.
One enthusiastic hopeful appears to have taken matters into her own hands. She has identified our candidates and contacted each of them to offer three evenings campaign support. With seven county divisions, this means she will be making 21 visits to West Kent between now and 2 May. If nothing else she deserves an award for hard work and determination.
Unfortunately, nine of the sessions she has booked are in the three KCC Divisions that lie outside the T&M parliamentary boundary (they are mainly within Chatham & Aylesford) so none of the people she will meet will have a vote at the selection !
Should I tell her or does it serve her right for being so pushy?  After all, she did this without coming through the office - had she done so I would have advised her. You are invited to vote in my (anonymous) poll to the right hand side of this page.

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