Wednesday, 13 March 2013

'Transparent Ann' is at it again !

I awoke this morning to the joys of Ann Barnes e-bulliten in my inbox.

If you can face it:

Apparently it's been 100 Days since the people of Kent elected her.

Here's the irony:
"I’m committed to be the most accessible and transparent Police Commissioner in the country."
So, here is the competition. Can anyone read through Transparent Ann's newsletter and find any mention of her appointing her Lib Dem Campaign Manager, Peter Carroll and his sidekick Howard Cox on taxpayer-funded salaries of £6,000 per month each?   Source HERE

A bottle of vintage Port to the first person to spot this 'transparent' declaration.
There again, perhaps she is as transparent about her political appointments as she was about her political affiliations. Let's not forget on the night of her election, national LibDem staffer Martin Shapland, tweeted:
"When calculating the national LibDem vote share, don't forget to include the votes polled by Kent Independent, Ann Barnes, who was backed by us."

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  1. The Lib Dems get a special definition of honesty and transparency only for them.