Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Pity Mr Pratt

Amongst the faux outrage and white noise emanating from the massed ranks of the Kent and Sussex Conservative panjandrums, gathered this week at the Mercure Hotel in Tunbridge Wells to talk about the Boundary Review, was this gem from a Sussex Association Chairman:

"Well, one must admit that one has not yet read the proposals, but one must place on record one's opposition to what is proposed." 

Elsewhere in the Region....

Roger Pratt shared Craig Mackinlay's concern about an "errant finger" protruding in the direction of Sir Roger Gale

A plummy lady from Sussex was concerned that Sir Nicholas Soames was being reduced to a small core, and

A puce-faced man brandishing a dog-eared map had concerns about changes to the Lewes constituency due to "long-standing local animosities arising from the Battle of Lewes". They clearly hold a grudge in those parts considering the Battle of Lewes was fought 752 years ago.

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