Wednesday, 7 September 2016

It's disgusting and must be challenged

One of the many joys of my job are reading some of the absurd emails which I am cc'd into. Yesterday brought a prime example. Into my inbox landed a wide circulation email from a local councillor, one of those cc'd to everyone in the address book regardless of their interest or involvement with the topic.

Apparently it was disturbing that "ten local members sitting around a room can decide who is the Conservative candidate for the ward."  These changes "imposed by London" are "disgusting and must be challenged."

This outburst struck me as somewhat odd as last time this particular councillor was reselected, the committee that did so consisted of three elderly men (none of whom lived in the ward this councillor represented).  This arrangement however did not strike the councillor as "disgusting" as there is an email on file in which the Local Government Committee are thanked for "getting these formalities over with so quickly".

Isn't it strange that when three chums reselect their friends, it's fine. But when our members (who pay their subscriptions and deliver the leaflets and donate their time) dare to choose the candidate who represents their local community, the process is "disgusting and must be challenged."

Just saying!


  1. Might I please say that it is disgusting that a sitting councillor is only able to muster ten members from the ward s/he represents, in order to secure reelection? Such masterly inactivity on the part of the sitting councillor must surely be challenged? ;-)

  2. Indeed, and when when the changes were brought in it was a collaborative effort by the Voluntary Party and the CCA. To empower the members.