Friday, 23 September 2016

A lesson in democracy from a resident of Swanley

Last night we took a canvassing team to Swanley to support Michael Horwood's County Council by-election campaign. Towards the end of the evening I knocked on the door of a young Polish couple, who had moved to the UK two years ago. As usual with hard working Polish people, both he and his wife were strong Conservatives. 

During the chat I mentioned the date of the by-election, but stupidly got the date wrong (for some reason I said the 18th when I should have said 13th). The man gently corrected me! I thanked him and said it was unusual for someone to take such an interest. To which he replied, 

"When your father was a member of Solidarnosc and was beaten up and arrested
for the right to vote, such things become more important."    

Quite a humbling thing to hear, and a wonderful change from the dozens of totally disinterested residents I had met early who didn't seem to give a damn about politics or what was happening to their community. 

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