Thursday, 29 September 2016

2016 Christmas Draw

For those of you who follow what we do in West Kent, tomorrow we commence packing envelopes for our 2016 Christmas Draw. As well as targeting our 3,000 members and donors, we also send tickets to 10,000 pledges (2,000 per Association). We do this on a strict rotation, focusing our efforts on 10 new wards every summer and Christmas. 

For the 2016 Summer Draw around 25% of our draw income came from pledges (over £2,000 from the £9,000 raised). This activity not only increases income, but ensures our donor base is constantly expanding for the future. 

We only send pledges £10 worth of tickets as this is a simpler "entry point" than the £20 worth sent to members and donors. The letters are hand delivered by volunteers saving outbound postage, wherever possible with a local In Touch newsletter.  

Here is a sample of our 2016 prospecting letter to pledges in Chatham & Aylesford. 

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