Thursday, 3 December 2015

Supporting two young entrepreneurs

Last weekend I spotted a link on a friend's Facebook page to an article in one of our local Tunbridge Wells newspapers. It was about two teenage lads who needed to raise £3000 each to finance a overseas school rugby trip in 2016. Rather than ask "the bank of Mum and dad" or take a usual part time job in a local shop, they launched their own business chopping and selling kindling wood to local residents. 

See HERE for the newspaper article. 

Entrepreneurship is not only inspiring but also the backbone of our future economic success. I was impressed that two lads would complete a hard day at local grammar schools, then come home, deliver advertising leaflets door to door to local homes to attract customers, chop wood then deliver it to help finance their own school trip. To support them I ordered four bags of kindling at £4.50 per bag (cheaper than my usual High Street supplier) which was delivered today to West Kent Towers. 

Thinking about their enterprise and how they could be supported, I struck on an idea. This week volunteers from Tunbridge Wells Conservatives were delivering thousands of leaflets door to door to advertise our forthcoming Christmas Fete. The reverse of the leaflet was blank. So having checked with the Association Chairman, who readily agreed, I asked them if they would like a free advert for their fledgling business ion the back of our flyer - and they said yes. 

So this week over 2,000 local households were not only informed about our Christmas Fete- but they also read about Joe and Matt's business and given contact details to place orders. 

Doing this cost the Tunbridge Wells Conservative Association nothing, apart from £5 for the ink and 15 minutes of my time. We were pleased to do it and I hope it brings them some new business. 

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