Wednesday, 16 December 2015

230,000 down. 20,000 to go!

If anyone wonders what five constituencies-worth of marked electoral registers look like- see below. The slightly squiff tower on the right is what our team have data-captured in just three days. The small pile on the left is what is still to be done by tomorrow's deadline.  At the start of the week when I saw the mountain, I honestly didn't think we would do it - but we will!

So here's a massive thank you and a hat-tip to our great team of volunteers who have sat in front of the laptops for hour on end to get the job done!  Thank you so much: Phil Griffin, Caroline Fuller, David and Catherine Adams, Owen and Chris Baldock, Vivian Branson, Michael Payne, David Gibbins, Hannah Davison, Dave Bennett, Philip Evans, Michael Povey, Elliott Self, John Cottingham,. Lee O'Toole, Chris Browne, Jouliedtte Moubayed, George and Mrs Mercieca, Sarah Hudson, Pam Mills, Dave Street, Thelma Huggett, Annabelle Blackmore, Cass Jappie, Max Martin, Frances Gibbins, Rupel Huq, Allan Sullivan, Joe Mamo, Christopher Fairfield, David Grant, Tim and Mary Streater, Elizabeth Watkinson, Sally Revell and  a few others who do not wish to be named for personal reasons.  

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