Friday, 11 December 2015

Say Cheese

Each year we host a Cheese and Wine Party at Christmas and for some reason (no doubt some would call it tradition!) Cllr Paperclips and I end up doing the catering. This involves a painful trip around the Cash & Carry and an even more pitiful two hours as we wrestle to make lots of platters of cheese look presentable, to meet the demanding standards of our members. Each of us have our own jobs - I cut the cheese and design the platters. Cllr Paperclips peels the physalis and slices the figs. What happens at West Kent Towers stays in West Kent Towers - we certainly don't drop anything - and if we did no-one would know.... Would they?

So wish us well as we head off for our annual Christmas Reception, with cars laden with cheese, biscuits, raffle prizes and wine. Our guest of honour this year is the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP. But first stop if the Royal British Legion Village in Aylesford where Rob Halfon has his first stop for tea and Christmas Cake with Chatham & Aylesford. 

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