Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The next moves forward

Last week I blogged about the importance of using the post-election honeymoon to rebuild the voluntary party and seek new and innovative ways to engage with our supporters - see HERE

Part of that initiative is a series of constituency-wide hand delivered "thank you" leaflets sent jointly by our parliamentary and local candidates, which include a reply-paid tear off slip enabling residents to become "Registered Supporters" at no cost. (see HERE). The first two constituencies worth of cards have been signed off and are with the printer. 

This afternoon the following email was sent to a sample group of around 2,000 known Conservatives who have given us their email address. By 9pm almost 250 (significantly over 10%) had responded positively and signed up to be "Registered Supporters".  I expect that number to increase to 20% by the weekend.  Perhaps I am being naive, but I am very encouraged by this positive response, especially as we excluded from the mailing all those who already help or support the party financially.

Finally, the West Kent Chairman, William Rutherford, has been invited to write a piece for ConHome on the new methods we are using to rebuild the voluntary party in area. All good stuff and exciting for the future. 

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