Sunday, 3 May 2015

Crouch's Tigers!

Joyce Gadd and Tracey Crouch with the first of the 38,000 pledge letters they packed last Friday
I want to pay tribute and record my thanks to Chatham and Aylesford Association President Joyce Gadd, and her amazing team of volunteers who work tirelessly from her home in Aylesford (now referred to as the West Kent Towers Annex).   

On Friday her team of 30 volunteers started work at 8am and by lunchtime had packed 20,000 pledge letters for Tracey Crouch.  Then, following wine and sandwiches for lunch, they started again and by 5pm had packed a further 18,000 pledge letters for a nearby target seat.  That's 38,000 letters packed in one day!

Well done Joyce and all the volunteers (too many to mention) for all you do for the Party. And thank you also to Charles (Joyce's long suffering husband) who I am sure would be very happy if he never saw another box of Tory envelopes, but smiles stoically throughout and doesn't complain. At least not within our earshot. 

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