Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Thank you Iain Dale

Several years ago I had an early attempt at blogging and built a small but loyal readership. One morning I logged on and noticed my hit counter had spiked; over 1,000 hits and it wasn't even noon. My self-congratulatory mood soon crashed down to reality when I answered the telephone to Cllr Phil Thomas from Croydon. "Hello boyo, I see your blog was mentioned on Iain Dale's Diary. He was slagging you off good and proper." Humiliation by proxy! 

A significant spike also appeared yesterday, which I traced back to Iain's new blog which can be read here http://iaindale.com/ - and a listing in his Daily Dozen for my post on living for 6 months on a narrowboat. Thanks Iain for the traffic!

I am a huge fan of Iain Dale and I am sorry that he has removed his name from the candidate's list. We need people like him in Parliament.

I am delighted that Iain accepted my invitation to speak at the Kent Area Conservative Conference at Tonbridge School on Saturday 23 March 2013. He and Tim Montgomerie will be co-hosting an afternoon session on Social Media, will it ever win elections? These two alone would be reason to attend, but we also have Dan Hannan MEP, Richard Ashworth MEP, Nirj Deva MEP, Paul Carter, Greg Clark MP, Bob Neil MP plus one or two surprise visitors.

To download a programme and a booking form, click HERE

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