Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I've been rumbled !

Months ago I blogged about a member of the Tunbridge Wells Conservative Association who was a retired forensic graphologist and had offered his services to raise money for the Association.  See here: THE WRITING'S ON THE WALL

To demonstrate his craft he invited me to send a sample of my handwriting for analysis. I was happy to oblige and was determined to send a 'warts and all' sample - not one written specially to impress. I therefore dug-out and sent a page of notes I had taken at an earlier Executive Council meeting, written long before my first ever conversation with this gentleman.

I appreciate that people can (and will) say "this is like a horoscope - so vague that it can suit anyone. It could also be argued that some of the 'qualities' he listed; strategic thinker, determination, enthusiasm, drive etc could be easily assumed given I have been a political agent for 20+ years. There are, however, other points raised which are less vague, and eerily prescient, "prepared to cut the rope rather than untie the knot" and "casual observers may consider him somewhat arrogant... 

All I will say is I was very impressed, as was everyone who knows me. For the record, at the time this report was written, we had not met each other, we have no mutual friends and our only conversation was a ten minute phone call.

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