Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sex Toys and Aylesford

I thought that would get your attention!

Earlier this evening my Blackberry went PLONK - and I knew it was Tracey Crouch. Don't worry, I don't have designated ring tones for each of my MPs (if I did, what on earth would I allocate to Sir John Stanley? - answers in the comments section, please). The plonk noise is for Blackberry Messenger, and Tracey is my only contact on BBM, hence I knew it was her.

Anyway, she was excited. Apparently she had just been visiting a factory or a shop, and pinned on the staff room noticeboard was a cutting from The Sun.  It was a list of the Top Ten places in the UK for average spend on sex toys. And right there "in at number six" was Aylesford.

I have always thought there was something of Stepford Wives about Aylesford, all those trimmed hedgerows and neat post war semi detached houses. In fact, I am there tomorrow, at a lunch party at the home of Chatham & Aylesford's Association President., Joyce Gadd.   Joyce is renowned for her catering and hospitality - she claims to be a dab hand with the rolling pin - now I wonder what she uses it for!

And I always thought that dull humming sound was the distant roar of the M20.

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