Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Very Special Gift

Within 30 minutes of the call from "Mrs C Boscowan" (see below) a courier rang the bell and delivered a package from Berry Bros & Rudd, which turned out to be a bottle of Vintage Pol Roger (Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill) my favourite Champagne. It was a gift from a Branch Chairman in Tunbridge Wells, to thank me for all I did to help the branch during the local election campaign. 

What a lovely, generous and thoughtful thing to do, especially as the sender was not a candidate and we didn't even win in his ward!  Things such as this put it all it perspective and make me realise that the vast majority of people I work with are truly delightful. 

When I  spent my first day with a qualified Agent (in Chester) as part of my induction, she told me, "remember, every time we win an election, it's thanks to the popularity of the candidate. Every time we lose it's due to the incompetence of the Agent."  

I won't mention the sender by name as I don't wish to embarrass him, but I know he reads my blog - so a heartfelt THANK YOU!  I look forward to drinking this with Steve when we move onto Barleywood in Rochester Bridge Marina.

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