Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Team Mackinlay

Following yesterday's gathering at Bluewater, the Mackinlay Campaign Team held an impromptu meeting to further clarify roles and responsibilities.  

Team Mackinlay
Our preferred venue was La Tasca, but they wouldn't let us in unless we were eating, and as we wanted to talk and not eat, we were moved on.  We then veered towards Dunkin Donuts and commandeered a small Formica table, before we spotted a BBC journalist, sitting directly behind us, with his ears flapping. I drew the team's attention. We all stared. He stared back. So up we got and off we went, leaving behind a hurt looking waiter and a bemused journo, no doubt wondering who on earth we were and why we had all stomped off.

For a moment we wandered around aimlessly, like the Israelites looking for the Promised Land, (or at least a promised cup of tea). Then we spotted Balans.   As some of you will know, Balans started out as a gigi Cafe Bar in Old Compton Street, selling overpriced patisserie and Chai Lattes to The Gays.  It's a tribute to liberalism that it is now so mainstream that it can be used for Conservative meetings without prompting letters of outrage to the Daily Mail.

So there we sat, sipping our cappuccinos served by pert waiter (nipple piercings and tattoos proudly on display) with Scissor Sister playing in the background, and agreed the following structure:

  • Chairman of the Campaign: Graham Riddick
  • Candidate: Cllr Craig Mackinlay   craig@craigmackinlay.com
  • Agent: Gordon Williams    gordon.williams@craigmackinlay.com
  • Chief of Staff: Cllr Andrew Mackness    andrew.mackness@craigmackinlay.com
  • Campaign Director: Andrew Kennedy    andrew.kennedy@craigmackinlay.com
  • Press & Media: Dot Luckhurst    dot.luckhurst@craigmackinlay.com
  • Social Media & IT: Dr John Hayward    john.hayward@@craigmackinlay.com
  • Parliamentary Liaison: Chris Buckwell     chris.buckwell@craigmackinlay.com
  • Campaign Administration & Diary: Jon Botten    jon.botten@craigmackinlay.com

For those who think that it's a formal structure, it's worth remembering that Kent has 1.4 million voters covering 17 Parliamentary constituencies - there are 75 countries or self governing protectorates in the world with smaller populations!  

Please do get in touch with the relevant team member if you have any questions.  

Next Meeting: Vauxhall Tavern???

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