Monday, 8 August 2016

West Kent's LG Selection Process

In September the five West Kent Associations will be moving to the third and final stage of our selection process for next year's County Council elections. West Kent elects a third of Kent's County Members and almost 50% of the Conservative Group; so we have a massive responsibility to ensure the best people are selected and elected. 

I have today circulated the booklet (below) to all incumbent County Members, new applicants, Association Officers, Branch Chairmen and members of the various Executive Councils. The booklet sets-out the process, how we have reached this point, the work done by our five Local Government Committee's, the selection grid and timetable (including applicants, venues, dates and times of selection meetings), how each meeting will be organised and conducted and FAQs.

NB I have redacted the selection grid and timetable from this version as I don't think the names of applicants and which Divisions are being contested is a matter for publication.

I hope others may find this document of interest. 

The CCHQ Mandatory Selection Rules are cumbersome and could no doubt be improved, but generally speaking they ensure that a committee appointed by the Executive Council maintains a list of suitable candidates and ultimately allows our members the final decision on who represents the Party at election time. I hope the demands for reform by those with a vested interest does not result in the baby being thrown out with the bathwater. 

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