Thursday, 11 August 2016

Hoist by her own petard

News has reached me from north of Oxford (and that's all I will say) that a member responded to an urgent appeal for assistance from a neighbouring Association. Apparently there was a "tedious clerical job" which needed doing, which would save the Association funds. 

It transpires that "tedious clerical job" was opening thousands of undelivered Voter ID surveys left over from last May's elections: surveys which the candidates had not bothered to collect from the Association office. They were removing the Business Reply Envelope for future use.

Happily our volunteer got to work, joining in the general anger about "lazy candidates who don't pull their weight" only to find when she opened her first envelope it was a Voter ID Survey with her name and face on it.

An awkward silence filled the room as people pretended not to notice, until an angry councillor who had worked himself to a point of exhaustion trying to retain his ward and supporting vulnerable colleagues, piped-up "what a shame that you didn't spend three hours delivering these instead of three hours unpacking them, as if you had you may have won your seat."

The team are wondering if she will show up next week!

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