Thursday, 4 August 2016

Welcoming New Members

I am pleased that our local West Kent Associations, with full support and encouragement from our Members of Parliament, have now finalised plans to formally welcome and meet our 500+ new members. 

Each Association will be hosting a reception with the local Member of Parliament present and speaking. The receptions vary from Pimms in the gardens of the local Conservative Club, to a glass of local Chapel Down wine in a trendy "pop-up" restaurant venue, to a complimentary ticket to the Association's Annual Barbecue. It's fantastic that our local Associations have put so much thought into such a variety of events, but the main thing is they are all making the effort. 

So far our new members have received a welcome letter, an invitation to participate in a survey to ascertain how they would like to engage and what they hope to achieve, and now an invitation to meet the local Officers and MP over an informal drink. It's certainly a lot more than I got when I joined (from memory I got a begrudging thank you from a crusty Branch Chairman and a pile of leaflets to deliver). 

Here are samples of the Chatham & Aylesford and Tonbridge & Malling invitations. 

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