Saturday, 9 July 2016

Drawing ahead!

With the EU Referendum on the horizon we anticipated this would have a detrimental affect in our fundraising, and in particular the Summer Draw which would be running at the same time as the EU vote. 

We decided to put back the "end date" for our Summer Draw tickets from July to August, to allow the dust to settle, with good results as a consequence. 

In the three weeks since the 23 June referendum we have taken as much money as the four weeks before it. As of yesterday the five West Kent Associations had reached 90% of the 2015 total, with one Association (Chatham and Aylesford) reaching 112%.  We also contacted pledges in several target wards, raising over £1500 and identifying 150 brand new donors.  Given the wider political climate, I am very pleased with this result.

Below is our "reminder" letter, posted to previous buyers who have not yet responded. With four weeks to go before the deadline, I am confident we will easily exceed our 2015 totals. 

For the original letter and information about the prizes, click HERE

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