Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Reforming the voluntary party

For many years I have been advocating major reform of how the voluntary party works in the constituencies, and have published on this blog some of my suggestions. Now, with Lord Feldman's panel undertaking a major national review, I have pulled-together various random thoughts and posts into a short series of articles which I will publish over the coming week. 

I am limiting my comments and suggestions to the voluntary party in the constituencies as this is the area where I have sufficient experience to comment and a track record to support my conclusions. 

Each post will cover a separate area of our constituency activity, including

  • How our Associations are managed, supervised and developed
  • The membership model and how we need to broaden our horizons
  • Attracting, developing and empowering new activists
  • Internal democracy, transparency and accountability
  • Professional support and development, including Grouping

As always on this blog I write personally and do not claim to represent the views of my employers (the West Kent Group) or any of the Associations within the Group. 

I will commence tonight with examining how the voluntary party in managed and led and how that could be developed and improved for the future. 

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