Friday, 24 April 2015

The Ground War in West Kent!

Since Wednesday 122 different volunteers have been working in shifts at West Kent Towers or our annexe at Birch Crescent.  Between them they have:

  • Hand addressed 45,000 envelopes
  • Packed a further 26,000 envelopes
  • Made 13,500 telephone calls to postal voters
  • Data captured 4,700 voting intentions

And in the constituencies, our volunteers have delivered 50,000 postcards to postal voters.

In addition to the above T&M and TW have provided 120 hours of Campaign Support to target seats nearby. 

In fact, things are so frantic we have had to install a back-up folding machine in the garden of Chatham & Aylesford President, Joyce Gadd.  Someone was concerned about what her "well heeled" neighbours would say about the "clack clack clack" noise, until Joyce pointed out that her neighbours were all inside the house packing envelopes!


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