Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Tale of Two Councils

At 3.30pm today I had five drivers on stand-by to take the last of the postal vote applications to the five councils in the West Kent Campaign HQ area. 

Here is a tale of two councils. 

Council One: when our driver entered, there was someone from Electoral Services in reception dealing with election enquiries and collecting in the last-minute postal vote applications (for those who don;t know the deadline was 5pm tonight). He was warmly greeted, thanked for dropping them off, and was on his way out of the building within a minute of arrival.

Council Two: our driver entered, waited in a line at reception whilst the 7 people ahead of him in the queue where slowly dealt with by one stressed receptionist. When he reached the front, he was told to take a seat and "someone would be down soon". Fifteen minutes later (almost 40 minutes after he arrived) someone from Electoral Services appeared. Rather than apologising for keeping him waiting, he was greeted with "just as well you weren't three minutes later or you would have been too late."

I won't name and shame Council B, but I will gladly give credit to Council A. Round of applause for Tonbridge & Malling, who, for 12 years, have never fail to exceed my expectations every time I deal with them.

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