Wednesday, 14 January 2015

In praise of Jon and Matt

By tomorrow West Kent Towers will have sent to print 150,000 leaflets. This represents three constituencies-worth; but it's not three different leaflets - nothing so simple!  Each constituency has between 12-20 ward specific editions. So across the three Associations we  have designed and proofed 44 different A3 newsletters. 

Whilst I have worked on budgets, basic design, co-ordinating activity with the printers and fulfilment house and liaising with our MPs and PPC on their national content, Jon has taken on the bulk of the "grunt work" with the ward variations - a tedious and mind numbing task. Every so often the mood lightens when another local authority committee is mentioned with pride. Thus far with have had the NAMAG, the PACTOR, OSGEP and the M-VoV. Jon has by now qualified for membership of a committee of his own - the DILLIGAF, but thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Meanwhile Matt Boughton is painstakingly collating over 100 individual councillors' canvassing plans and bringing this information together into a detailed three month plan. So far three constituencies have been signed-off with two more to go. 

The comment of the week was a call from a female councillor (as always - no names mentioned) who had received a pdf proof of her leaflet and phoned to ask us to use a different photograph,

"I admit it's a very good likeness, but it's ghastly."

Fortunately for all concerned Jon took the call as he is far more diplomatic than me!

I know I have said this before, but when something is true it's worth repeating. West Kent is lucky (and I am lucky) to work with two guys who always go above and beyond the call of duty for their colleagues and Party. They work late, start early, often go through the day without a break to ensure we meet deadlines and don't let our candidates down. But more importantly, they do so without me having to ask and always without complaint.  Some of our less gracious members are fond of reminding us "don't forget, we are volunteers - you are paid."  That may be true but it's worth remembering that our salaries are based on 35 hours per week but we seldom work fewer than 50 - so for 60 hours a month we are technically volunteers too!

As for this warhorse - finally this week he has smelled the gunpowder and is chomping at the bit. Let battle commence

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