Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Congratulations to Tom, Chris, Victoria - and now Ed Argar too!

I am delighted to have just read that Edward Argar has just been selected for Charnwood. This means that the four outstanding candidates who were in the Tonbridge & Malling Open Primary have all won selection in Conservative-held seats. 

As well as Ed in Charnwood, Chris Philp was selected for Croydon South, Victoria Atkins in Louth and Horncastle and, of course, Tom in Tonbridge & Malling. 

I have just dug out the photo of all four together, just before our Open Primary. I have always thought we were fortunate in Tonbridge & Malling to have had such a first class group to choose from. I blogged at the time, "any would have made an outstanding candidate, and I have no doubt that one day they all will." 

Next stop Faversham & Mid Kent - I believe the vacancy will be formally advertised tomorrow! 

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