Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Packing teams at full capacity!

One of our County Council candidates decided that rather than ask his local volunteers to pack 10,000+ Residents Surveys for his Division, he would personally pay a mailing house to do it for him, leaving his local activists free to help with canvassing and delivery. When I discovered he was about to do this, I suggested that he paid West Kent instead - which he readily agreed to do. At four days notice we managed to raise a team of over twenty volunteers who worked in shifts over a two-day period to complete the job.

Not only did we pack and bundle over 10,000 surveys we had sufficient spare capacity to pack and post a 2,500 mailing which was scheduled for next week!

Thank you to a great team of helpers, including Gill Levine, Glynis Coates, James Scholes, Dr Ronen Basu, Gill Lloyd, John Reynolds, Nicola George, Lynne Weatherly, Dennis King, David and Catherine Adams, Sally Revell, Pam Bates, Jenny Cooper, Jeff and Joan Tree, Max Martin, Susan Coleman, Susan Potter, Alex Maiken, Tim and Mary Streater. Special thanks to Sylvia and Brian Griffin and Mrs Buckwell who came from Rochester and Strood (not even part of the West Kent Group) to thank us for our help in the Rochester & Strood By-Election two year's ago!  A great example of "mutual aid" for which we are very grateful.  

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the willingness of our KCC candidate, our efforts have raised £500 for Association funds. This might not sound like a forune, but it is the equivalent to 20 new membership subscriptions at £25 each! 

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