Monday, 6 February 2017

EU Ref - Voting statistics by ward

Martin Rosenbaum from the BBC has published the official results of the EU Referendum in 1,070 wards across the UK. I have asked how they obtained this data and apparently a number of local authorities across the UK (though not all) actually counted and tallied results on a ward-by-ward basis. The BBC obtained this information through FOI requests to the local authorities responsible for the 23 June vote count. 

Whilst I question the financial prudence of two publicly-funded bodies FOI-ing each other to obtain data which is to all intents and purposes redundant, it does make interesting reading for the geeks and psephologists out there. 

You can access the data by clicking HERE  Scroll over the map and click on specific wards for that ward data. 

Nice to see a substantial splodge of unbroken red in my patch! 

Hat-tip to Matt Richard for drawing this data to my attention.


  1. this can be useful on the doorsteps, especially what supposed to be a very small, not committed Strood South, seems to me voters knew what they wanted

  2. The figures need to be treated with caution. The 20% of postal votes were randomly allocated and not counted on a ward basis in Bromley.