Tuesday, 17 January 2017

2017 Membership Renewals

For those who take an interest in what we do, we have just completed our membership renewal campaign for Q1 on 2017. Like many Associations, the majority of our members pay in the first quarter of the year, in our case around 60%. I am delighted with the positive direction and clear leadership shown by the Prime Minister today, timed perfectly for our membership renewals ;)

This year we are having a major push to enroll new Patrons, encouraging our members to "trade up" their standard membership to Patrons' Club level. Our Patrons' Club offers great value (a couple pay £350 pa or £175 each, which includes a Champagne Garden Party and a three course meal at the Carlton Club or similar, each event with a first rate guest speaker). By building up our Patrons and our 500+ Club, we hope to negate any lost income from centrally collected membership and the corresponding increase from £5 to £10 in the fee paid to CCHQ.

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