Sunday, 20 November 2016

Effective Party Chairman Poll

In my ConHome column tomorrow I am writing about past Party Chairmen and how they are perceived.

Based on "wisdom of crowds" I would appreciate your help. From the list below, please select the holder or holders of that office you think were the most successful and impressive Conservative Party Chairmen. You may select more than one. Then, if you feel strongly, please feel free to use the "contact me" widget to the right to tell me briefly why you made that choice.

I am using this information for background research only and nothing you say will be attributed in any form.  Thank you for your help!

Please select the most effective Conservative Party Chairman in recent years

Cecil Parkinson (1981-1983)
John Selwyn Gummer (1983-1985)
Norman Tebbit (1985-1987)
Peter Brooke (1987-1989)
Kenneth Baker (1989 - 1990)
Chris Patten (1990 - 1992)
Norman Fowler (1992-1994)
Jeremy Hanley (1994-1996)
Brian Mawhinney (1995-1997)
Cecil Parkinson (1997-1998)
Michael Ancram (1998-2001)
David Davis (2001-2002)
Theresa May (2002-2003)
Lord Saatchi joint (2003-2005)
Liam Fox (2003-2005)
Francis Maude (2005-2007)
Caroline Spelman (2007-2009)
Eric Pickles (2009-2010)
Baroness Warsi (2010-2012)
Lord Feldman (2010-2016)
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