Thursday, 17 November 2016

Still hungry to win!

Even after ten years as Agent in this lovely corner of Kent, I am still at times overwhelmed by the support and dedication of our local members.

One example - we are presently fighting a council by election in Tonbridge Trench ward and on this cold, grey and wet November day I counted over 40 activists involved in various campaign-related activities, including...

  • A team of eight delivering newsletters
  • Sixteen on the doorsteps canvassing VIs
  • Twelve manning the Phone Bank making almost 500 calls in two hours
  • Four working in shifts data-capturing surveys and canvass data
  • Six hand writing and packing envelopes
  • Plus four more who came in to pack the Christmas Draw reminders!
People often comment on our strength in West Kent - the reason for this isn't just because we have a fully functioning office with paid staff, or because we have enough money to spend on colour leaflets and surveys, or because we use the latest campaign technologies. It is because our members and activists take absolutely nothing for granted. They fight for every vote and every seat as if the future of democracy depended on it.  Tramping the streets tonight were members in their 80s and others who left home at 7am to commute to their desks in the City and joined the canvassing team directly from the train back to Kent.

No Agent or candidate could ask for a better team.

Here is a roll call of today's team: Nicolas Heslop, Jon Botton, David Cure, Thelma Huggett, Vivian Branson, Pam Bates, Georgina Thomas (and her mother!), Glynis Coates, Gill Levine, Sophie Shrubsole, Allan Sullivan, Ben Walker, Trevor Walker, Dougie Dick, David Lettington, Jon Botten, Michael Payne, Paul Cooper, Elliott Self, Janet Sergison, Owen Baldock, Chris Baldiock, Phil Thomas, Howard Rogers, Mark Rhodes, Richard Long, Max Martin, Stephen Frome, Frixos Tombolis, Mark Beaumont, Brian Moss, Pat Moss, Catherine Adams, David Adams, Jacques Arnold, Dennis King, Piers Montague, Sylvia Woodward, Matt Boughton, Joe Mamo and Sarah Hohler. 

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