Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Normality in the fog of war

It may be difficult for many outside observers to believe, but even in this "fog of war" the day-to-day life of local Conservative Associations and grassroots politics continues as before.

This week the West Kent Campaign HQ has organised teams to provide Campaign Support in Tooting, we are arranging the usual round of social events, including two annual dinners, barbecues and quiz nights, this week I have attended two Executive Council meetings, 2016 Summer Draw ticket reminder letters are about to be dispatched, we are launching a new Patrons' Club in Maidstone & the Weald, and last weekend  the great Ann Widdecombe came back to West Kent and spoke to members and supporters at a packed coffee morning in her old Maidstone constituency, where she also pulled the 500 Club winners. 

Tonight we hosted an informal evening for potential new County Council candidates, where those interested in standing for election were invited to hear from me about campaigning and from an incumbent County Member about the work of the County Council and the difference he feels he makes locally. My thanks to Cllr Richard Long who gave up his evening to speak about life at County Hall. 

It was good to see so many people interested in public service, particularly two people below thirty years of age, who are insufficiently represented in local government. 

Onward and upward!

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