Sunday, 26 June 2016

100 new members a day !

Since Friday over 200 people have joined the Conservative Party in West Kent. That's an enrollment rate of 100 per day. Fifteen more this morning, and it's not yet 10am. They have all enrolled at the full £25 rate via the CCHQ website.

I have no idea yet what is driving this, Is it...

  • Pro Brexit people joining as we delivered the referendum
  • Pro Remain people angry at the outcome and trying to change the party's direction
  • Former UKIP members returning to the fold
  • People hoping to participate in the leadership election
  • Or perhaps just an increase in awareness following the campaign

I will be writing to all the new joiners on Monday to thank them for their support and at the same time I will send them an online survey to try and ascertain why they joined. Many local agents and organisers have contacted me aboiut a membership recruitment campaign, and knowledge of what is driving this interest might be useful ib hiw we approach recruitment in the weeks ahead. 

I will publish details on this blog as soon as I have something of interest to share. 


  1. From the admittedly small sample I've seen in my next of the woods, it appears to be ardent Brexiters joining to make sure a true believer is elected as the next leader. Unfortunately I think most will go again after the ballot but at least we get (most of) the £25 in the meanwhile!

  2. Andrew - yes, it's a very (pleasantly) surprising phenomenon. We're on 50 so far and still going...including one person visiting our office in person to join up!

  3. As new members are not entitled to a vote in the leadership election (presuming there is a shortlist of 2) does the Party give refunds?