Thursday, 28 January 2016

What a load of balls!

If your Association Office has sold-out of numbers for your original 500 Club draw and decide to open a second 500 Club for all the people on the waiting list, here's some advice. Ensure your second set of numbers don't accidentally get "mixed-up" with the original numbers, because if you do, you will end up with duplicated numbers and you won't have a clue who has won. Fortunately the error was spotted before the next draw!

You will then need to sweet talk a good-natured volunteer into doing this..., sorting through 600 orange balls and picking out the 100 duplicates. 

Or, as Gill (the lady above) said, "When I arrived at the office today, the last thing I thought I would be doing is playing with the agent's balls."  Quite!

Meanwhile, elsewhere at West Kent Towers today, a fabulous team of 17 volunteers working in shifts managed to pack four Association's worth of AGM notifications...

My thanks to Jane and James Scholes, Sue Nuttall, David and Catherine Adams, Jeff and Brenda Tree, Gill Levine, Glynis Coates, Owen and Chris Baldock, Keith Ferris, Joseph Mamo, Margaret Thompson, Thelma Huggett, Vivian Branson and Janet Sergison. 

....and commence work packing 5,300 fighting fund letters for the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Campaign. 

Then finally, a meeting with Kent County Council Conservative Group to sign-off the biggest direct mail campaign we have ever managed at West Kent. 100,000 letters to Conservative pledges encouraging them to sign-up for a postal vote.

Not a bad day's work!  

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