Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Membership Renewal Time

Like Conservative Party offices throughout the country, the first task of the New Year is to send the annual membership renewal letters to the 70% of members who pay their membership subscription in the first quarter of the year (in the case of West Kent that's about 1,500 people!). 

This year we are using the membership renewal mailing to relaunch our Patrons' Clubs - to attract new members to the three Patrons' Clubs already running (Tonbridge & Malling, Tunbridge Wells and Chatham & Aylesford) and to launch new Patrons' Clubs in the two constituencies which do not have them (Maidstone & The Weald and Faversham & Mid Kent).

As always with such appeals for financial support, I try to strike a wholly positive note. In majority seats such as ours it is important that our members and donors know their support is making a real difference - and that includes supporting less well-off marginal constituencies nearby.

For those who like to follow what we do in West Kent, here is a sample copy of our 2015 renewal letter (obviously there were different versions for each Association)

 Our re-designed renewal form:

And our Patrons' Club recruitment leaflet, encouraging members to upgrade their membership:



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