Saturday, 3 October 2015

Trains are like walls - they both have ears

Having arrived early in Manchester, I was amused to receive a text message from a London friend informing me there was a chap down the carriage in the same train as him speaking very loudly about me and what I do and the fact I live in a boat. The conversation then went on about his role in the party and this was followed by a very loud complaint that he didn't get his complimentary bacon sandwich, to which the menu said he was entitled. 

A request for a description quickly identified the culprit beyond any doubt, so I promptly sent him a text to say, 'be careful what you say about me and my boat, you are being overheard and every word is coming back to me via text...'

This reminded me of my last visit to Manchester for CPC13, which was held just before the Tonbridge & Malling Parliamentary Selection. On the journey back to Kent I was regaling friends with some of the more lurid stories arising from prospective candidates' attempts to ingratiate themselves, only to find as we pulled in to Euston one of them was sitting directly behind me. 

A salutary lesson to us all this week, walls (and trains) have ears.

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