Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Beware the UKIP backed Leave EU Campaign

The UKIP-backed LeaveEU campaign have just phoned Jon Botten asking him if he will be voting to leave, and if so, which of the two campaigns he will be backing. 

When Jon asked how they obtained his number, he was told they were phoning all Conservative councillors using the contact details on the various council websites. 

When he asked why they were asking him which of the competing 'leave' campaigns he was backing, he was told that they were putting together their case for the Electoral Commission and wanted to show strong support from Conservative councillors and members.

I think we need to be aware of this and very wary. My personal view is the official 'leave' campaign must be bi-partisan and fronted by academics and business people, making a strong, unemotional case for withdrawal, whilst dealing calmly with the economic arguments and scaremongering from those who wish UK to remain in the EU. 

Any campaign fronted by UKIP and Farage is bound to fail and will be reminiscent of the 1975 NO campaign with the unholy and unpleasant alliance of Tony Benn and Enoch Powell on every platform.

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  1. I was telephone polled by the same people. Unsurprisingly, as a Liberal Democrat Cllr, when they asked me if I would be voting to Leave the EU, I gave a robust no. They got my number from my Council's web site. I wouldn't have thought it's a good use of their time to phone LD Cllrs as about 90% will be voting to Remain !