Friday, 5 December 2014

The ultimate example of "Dad Dancing"

Working with large teams of fabulous volunteers is a privilege and often great fun. It can also provide regular "butt clenching" moments when words literally fail. Such as the time a delightful lady in her 70's innocently announced to a room full of envelope packers, "Does anyone else have dry flaps?" She was, of course, referring to her self-seal envelopes. 

Today's email brought a similar butt-clenching moment. An invitation from the Chairman of Canterbury Conservatives (the hard working and all-round good guy, Cllr Neil Baker,) to attend their Association Christmas Party on Thursday 18 December. Not much wrong with that, I hear you say. And I agree. But, the Party is being hosted at Canterbury's "Club Chemistry" sandwiched between their regular CandyShop night and the hard edged "Chemistry Experiment".  

And it gets better - Julian Brazier MP will be there - and we are informed that might even dance (but hopefully not on a podium). 

What more could you want to kick-off the festive season. The lovely city of Canterbury, a student / rave night club, Julian Brazier MP dancing - and there will even be "festive nibbles". And it's free!!! 

I wouldn't miss it for the world! Contact Neil to have your name added to the guest list. 

Seriously, Canterbury Conservatives under Neil's leadership are doing great things, attracting a new generation of candidates and reaching out to new members and voters better than most. These guys deserve success. 

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