Monday, 1 December 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho! Design A Christmas Card Competition winners

I am delighted that three of the five MPs/PPCs I work with have organised "Design My Christmas Card" competitions among local children - some via primary schools, others using youth clubs and / or children and grandchildren of residents or members. 

Tom Tugendhat's competition had three categories:

(a) 4 and below
(b) 5-7
(c) 8+

As well as seeing their drawing printed on a Christmas card, Tom is presenting each winner with a certificate and a gift voucher and the parents/guardians of each winner will receive 100 complimentary Christmas cards to send to family and friends. 

Thanks also to our excellent local printer, Jason Allen and his team at DA Printers Ltd in Rochester, who are producing the cards free of charge in exchange for a small promotional advertisement on the back page. 

Everyone's a winner! 

Here are the winning entries in each age group:

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