Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Great Tunbridge Wells Bake Off

I received a message this morning from Cllr David Elliott, the popular and hard working Deputy Chairman (Political) of the Tunbridge Wells Conservative Association. 
"Hello Andrew, welcome back from Rochester. I will be in Paddock Wood at 10.30am
and I would like to pop-in, I have something for you..."

At 10.30am David arrived, clutching a tin. With a theatrical flourish he whipped off the lid and presented me with a selection of fairy cakes left over from the cake stall at Saturday's Conservative Christmas Bazaar ("don't worry - they've been in the freezer").

They cakes had been baked by another TW councillor and award winning local baker, Cllr Mike Rusbridge, and each was decorated with a photograph of Greg Clark MP or David Cameron!  

Is there no end to the talents of Conservative activists?


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