Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Botten & Elks - Frightening residents all the time - not just at election time!

Well done to our two youngest candidates in Tonbridge & Malling, Benjamin Elks and our very own Director of Paperclips, Jon Botten.  Despite the dark nights and bitterly cold weather, they are out again on the doorsteps of Tonbridge's Medway ward tonight, chatting to residents and inviting people to participate in their local survey.

This is the tenth or twelth campaign session Jon and Ben have undertaken - and it's not even December! As you can see from the photo, poor Paperclip is suffering with a heavy cold, but he doesn't even let that stop him!  Jon and Ben (with support from their third colleague Russell Lancaster) have already knocked on around 1,000 doors!  Well done guys - you are an inspriation. You deserve to win.

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