Monday, 16 December 2013

Just stating what's in the rules!

In additional to local activity, so far we have had two constituency-wide Campaign Days in Borough Green for our by-election.

It is very interesting that the list of councillors who have not yet offered assistance is almost identical to the list of councillors who failed to pro-actively support our Kent CC campaign strategy. When I made this point on Saturday, someone asked if it was a "veiled threat". Far from it; it is a simple statement of national party rules.  The CCHQ Candidates' Agreement, which all applicants and councillors are required to sign, states;

Candidates and Councillors must...

  • play a full, active and constructive part in their local Association and Branch during the whole of their period of office, including campaigning, membership development, fundraising, social and political activities
  • co-operate fully with the Party’s campaign strategy for elections including giving mutual aid to other Conservative candidates when asked and, when themselves a candidate, complying with the requirements of the duly appointed election agent
It is worth noting that under the same rules, following a boundary change (which will be implemented in Tonbridge & Malling in 2015) there must be open selections in every seat, with no councillors having the advantage of "incumbency".

Just stating what's in the rules!

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