Tuesday, 11 December 2018

West Kent's Calling Cards

For those who follow what we do in West Kent and have in interest in our campaign techniques, I am pleased to publish today samples of our 2019 local election calling cards (or Sorry you Were Out Cards as they used to be known).

I have not used "Sorry you were out" for many years now as I like our candidates to hand over the card on the doorstep while chatting, or leave through letterbox if the resident is out. 

Our new design leads with a high quality panorama of the ward. This same photograph is being used on the newsletter "banner", the VI/Residents' Survey, the main election leaflet and GOTV / GOTPV material, giving a sense of continuity and locality throughout the campaign. 

The back of the card has the candidate's photograph, contact details and three pledges. 

We have sourced the photographs through Alamy, Photobucket or, where there is no commercially suitable photograph available, we have asked our photographer to visit the ward to take one of our own.

I hope you like these examples:

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