Tuesday, 14 March 2017

May the (Lebanese) Forces be with you

As part of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy's outreach programme, West Kent Towers were hosts today for the centre-tight Lebanese Forces political party, who were visiting the UK to learn about UK Parliamentary Democracy, grassroots campaigning and building an inclusive and open voluntary party. 

This is the second time we have hosted overseas visitors, having entertained 12 members of our sister-party from Ecuador in November last year. Today, it was particularly gratifying to hear the visit organiser say that West Kent was probably the best grassroots political campaigning organisations in the UK. High praise indeed. 

After looking around our palatial offices (both rooms) Jon and I presented on our work, including how we recruit members and helpers, fundraising, campaigning and identifying and training candidates and activists.  This was followed by a traditional British Pub Lunch in one of our nearby villages and then two hours of street campaigning in Tonbridge.  

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