Tuesday, 13 December 2016

West Kent's Unsung Heroes #2.


Joyce Gadd is the Chatham and Aylesford President (and has previously held every position under the sun). And although she won't thank me for saying it, she was worked for the Conservative Party for over 50 years in Berkshire and Kent.

Joyce is one of those people who is "always there", she opens her home for teams of 20-30 envelope packers whenever asked (yes, we pack envelopes in West Kent, we do not stuff them) and to encourage them to return she feeds them home made sausage rolls, quiche, cakes and wine (all from her own pocket, never claiming a penny back from party funds).

She organises events, BBQs, lunches and coffee mornings and cheese and wine evenings at her home, last year raising over £2,000, not including the money she raises by helping to organise Association events such as the annual dinner. Like me, Joyce is intolerant of fools and those who don't pull their weight - and she isn't afraid to name and shame!

Every successful Association has a "Joyce" - we should cherish them as we would be much worse off without them. Thanks Joyce (and Charles) for all that you do to make Chatham and Aylesford as successful as it is today.

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