Wednesday, 11 May 2016

2016 Summer Draw

For those who follow and take an interest in what we do, I am pleased to attach copies of our 2016 Summer Raffle Appeal Letter. 

Last year after a great deal of consideration, we "opted out" of the national draw. We have no issues whatsoever with the Conservative Supporters Club and we worked with them for many years, with great success. The reason we now do our own thing is simple:

1. We have the scale, skills and organisation to do so
2. Most importantly. by running our own Summer and Christmas Draw, we can ensure all the prize winners come from our own area

Admittedly the prizes we can offer are no match for the national draw, but our research indicated that people don't buy tickets for the prizes, but to support the Party. Also, due to the quantity of the tickets we sell in West Kent (around £10,000) it is better value for us to pay for our own tickets to be printed and for the prizes (though we often have these donated) than paying 25% to NCDS.

Clearly this option is not available or cost effective for the majority of Associations with a smaller pool of ticket buyers, but it works for us. 


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