Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Spare a thought for the Helpdesk

I know that waiting for the CCHQ Helpdesk to return your call or email can sometimes be frustrating, but I ask you to spare a thought for the poor guys (and ladies) who answer our calls. 

Last week, West Kent's Director of Paperclips had to call the Helpdesk to ask about TVTs. The chap dealing with our call had to check something with a colleague, leaving the phone on his desk and the line open. As he waited, Paperclips could overhear the person at the adjoining desk dealing with another caller.

From the conversation it was clear the Helpdesk operator was dealing with someone who had locked themselves out of their account by entering an incorrect password too many times. The operator was asking the security questions in order to re-activate the account, which Jon was overhearing...

"What do you mean, you cannot remember
where you were born."

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