Friday, 11 March 2016

A clenching of buttocks and a biting of lips

Last night West Kent hosted our fourth "An Audience with...." when we welcomed Margaret Thatcher's official biographer and former editor of The Telegraph and Spectator, Charles Moore. Mr Moore was interviewed on stage by Tom Tugendhat MP in front of an audience of almost 200. The event raised over £2,500 for Association funds. 

As is often the case at such events, the Q&A session unearthed some of the most interesting responses, including this question from a member of the audience...

"Mr Moore, towards the end of her period in office Mrs Thatcher seemed to surround herself by left wingers and wets, whilst leaving her true supporters languishing on the back benches. Why do you think this was?

Charles Moore replied with brutal honesty.  "I think the problem she had was she was fishing in a shallow pool of talent, and sadly for her, most of the available talent was coming from the left wing of the party. The right wing was exhausted and what was left provided very slim pickings indeed."

Around the room there was a clenching of buttocks and biting of lips as a silent waive of sympathy surrounded the questionner - a former right wing MP was was never promoted and was clearly still seeking an explanation almost 30 years later!

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